Jul 282014

Handmade item, impressionist oil pastel painting by Linandara

  • Materials: oil pastel, paper
  • Ships worldwide from Newtown, Wales

Dried last year reeds lit by spring sunshine and turned into gold… Oil pastel on textured paper, A4 (about 30 x 21 cm). £23.57


Prints and cards with this image are available from the Red Bubble.


Marshland in oil pastel


Jul 142014

Did it yesterday for my daughter to improve her language skills. Hope it may help or entertain others too.

Because of the present political situation I often wish I wasn’t born in Russia but there is great wealth of songs here. The complex but flexible language helps. And now as always the best of songwriters oppose the regime when it goes wrong.

The songs are from 19th century to present times. More will be found and added in the future.


Jul 132014
horse and rider

Artist: Alexandra Cook

Size: A4; approximately 21 x 30 cm

drawinghorse and riderDawn

equine drawinghorse and rider

Subject: the artwork depicts a female rider in camouflage (rebel, warrior, ranger, scout, patrol?) with a gun, riding a red horse, submerged in early morning autumn fog over a meadow. Double human and horse portrait. Original equine drawing. Open to your interpretation.

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You can buy prints and cards with this picture here.

Jul 022014
avian art


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: glass, oil pastel, vintage wooden frame, paper, ink, mounts
  • Feedback: 17 reviews
  • Ships worldwide from Newtown, Wales

Red cardinal bird sitting on a branch with snow-covered purple berries around, pine trees on background against light blue sky, all in low yellow winter sunlight. Original art in oil pastels on paper.

Perfect for a winter present.

Approximately 25 x 32 x 1.5 cm with the frame.


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bird art

cardinal bird


Jun 262014

spring flowers



  • Handmade item. British wildflowers art. Original painting.
  • Materials: watercolor card, cream mount, watercolor, pencils, pastel
  • Feedback: 17 reviews
  • Ships worldwide from Newtown Wales
  • Drawing without mount 7 x 11 inches; 18 x 28 cm

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Jun 242014

This Hills and Meadows painting has been done on my doorstep, with clover flowers on foreground. To the shop.

acrylic painting

Thick brushstrokes. Silver clouds. Black wooden frame with few small scratches as the picture has been travelling to several exhibitions. The Welsh hills painting measures (with the frame) about 315x379x45 mm.

Jun 232014

An original Desert Dunes original painting. Huge sand dunes, a few green trees, dry grass and a distant mountain range. Very loosely based on a random photo from a random book. If I remember correctly, the location is somewhere in Central Asia. Just a window in another world (warm and peaceful this time) somewhere far, far away…

The paper size is about 14.5 x 11 inches (37 x 28 cm). To the shop

dunes in pastel

desert trees

soft pastel



Jun 102014

A Hafren / Severn grey river pebble bug painted with light fast inks and acrylics, including metallic, pearlescent and glittery ones. This pebble art size is about 78x56x9 mm. Could be used as a decoration or paperweight.


To the shop.


Apr 282014

framed art

If artwork is framed (two ways)


A fragment: hand painted balsam leaves

Balsam Flowers

Watercolor floral art – detail

balsam bouquet

Entire painting

This painting/drawing is done with watercolors and pigment ink pens on watercolour card. The size is about 30 x 21 cm (12 x 8.5 inches). This balsam floral artwork is unframed.

To the shop.

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Apr 282014

Completely unique, unplanned and wild. Few more images of them.
The lady has a little bag which could be used to keep few small (coin-size) items. Could be used as door stoppers. Lady and her cat are mostly denim. Also includes buttons, yarn, lace and other textiles.

To the shop.

rag dolls

An odd couple

Lady and her cat are mostly denim.

Textile Art Dolls

two dolls

Denim, lace and other textiles

Yarn hair

The hair is made of yarn

I like the idea of recycling everything and don’t like to waste time. When I watch TV in the evening I rearrange pieces of fabric, buttons, yarn, etc in something of pure fantasy.

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Mar 232014

… Но еще позорнее, питаясь плодами древа науки, подрывать его корни, будучи не в состоянии поднять рыло вверх и увидеть, где эти плоды зреют…  – Ю. Ефремов

Mar 142014

After over a week of struggling with painting and decorating I’ve moved to a new shop at the Ladywell shopping center in Newtown (The Market is closing for redecoration for a year).CameraZOOM-20140313141831376-picsay

The idea to have an Art and Craft shop first appeared in my head while walking among blue lupins of Texas at 1999 LPSC spring gathering. So I am very happy to have an independent little “hippie / gypsy” shop of my own and I hope I could stay here for a while. This also will be my art studio.

The shopping centre is mostly empty at the moment but several market traders should follow me very soon.CameraZOOM-20140313141743040-picsay

I’ve also used this opportunity to change the name of the shop from Artish Folk to Art-n-Folk which, I think, sounds better. CameraZOOM-20140313142822927-picsay  CameraZOOM-20140313142010045-picsay  CameraZOOM-20140313152522714-picsay

CameraZOOM-20140313141857413-picsay CameraZOOM-20140313152603554-picsay CameraZOOM-20140313152613239-picsay

I’ve already had quite a number of people I know (and I don’t know) saying that they liked the way the shop turned out, which is encouraging. I’ve spent ages figuring out exact shades of the wall paint but then I’ve found out that the type of paint which sticks to the slat wall can’t be mixed in the decorating shop so I had to improvise adding my oil paint to the base color I’ve found. CameraZOOM-20140313152634887-picsay

The shop supposed to be weird, bohemian and wonderful which should go well with punk clothing and an artisticCameraZOOM-20140313152645534-picsay CameraZOOM-20140313153631311-picsayhairdresser moving next door soon. It is for people living creative lives and preferring to decorate their lives with one of a kind stuff.

The shop address is  Unit 12 Ladywell Newtown, Powys SY16 1AF.

Open (at least) on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10 am till 4 pm.

Mar 062014

For a few days I have been absolutely shocked by what was happening in Ukraine and couldn’t do much apart from looking at my news feed. Now, when I am starting to come back to the world of living, I feel some need to say what I think about the reasons for the present conflict. I don’t know too much as I’ve been in the UK all the time, but I am both Russian and Ukrainian, I’ve grown up in Moscow with one of the very common Ukrainian family names and visited Ukraine many times.

  • Russian Government or shortly Putin is to blame for steering people’s fears and for invading Crimea. What saddens me the most is the dishonesty of it all. Soldiers hiding their nationality (but in obvious Russian uniforms!)  Blatant denial and lies in the media. Also the fact that there was a treaty in the 90s over the Ukrainian borders which is now Russia is trying to break. And blaming America all the way for intervening in others business. The fact is that all powerful counties do this and it is time for people of the word to stand up to this disgusting pretence.
  • Western media. When the riots in Kiev started they were so happy on British channels to shout “Ukrainians are against Russia now!” How do you think this would make Russians feel?  I’ve met an artist who said to me something like “How great, Ukrainians are rebelling against your lot now” – almost instead of hello. It felt horrible. People, especially being in minority and living abroad, often perceive the view of they country as the way the locals look at them. Initially BBC and Channel 4 made me totally believe Russian propaganda: that Ukraine is full of neo-Nazis hating everything Russian (and therefore me too).
  • Idiots who proposed to get rid of the second state language. Western Ukrainian language is from the West of the country, it never been spoken by natives of many other regions, including the Crimea (which was given to Ukraine in 50s without any consent of its inhabitants – mind you, it didn’t matter so much as this was just a part of one country). The threat of abolishing their language caused great anger among Russian speaking Ukrainians and you can’t really blame them.
  • Violence during protests. Protesting is fine and in many cases great but why some protesters expect again and again the police to throw chocolates and flowers in return for bricks and Molotov cocktails? Violence leads to even worse violence, situation escalates. I am appalled by the scenes of rioters beating up the police or pushing each other through angry striking crowd, or making people kneel. This is medieval barbarism.
  • Nationalists on all sides. They are always in the wrong. It is limited, primitive view of the word in which one nation is more important than another. This has no future. The only good thing that this conflict may produce is that any government will stay away from Far Right as much as possible, scared by Russia’s over the top reaction to some nazis who joined the riots. There are plenty of nationalists in Russia too: I know because I lived under constant pressure to join them in the 90s. Rather than getting outraged at the idea that “our lot is being beaten up” (as nationalist do) humans should get outraged when anyone on this planet is beaten up.
  • Ambiguity of the international law on regional independence. Why some allowed referendums and some are not? Personally I think splitting countries only increases bureaucracy and nationalistic feelings. But this really should be for locals to decide, isn’t it?
  • Clergy on all sides blessing the guns, calling people martyrs and promising heavens. This divide people by religion and leads to more violence. Remarkable exchange of words happened between Ukrainian and Moscow branches of Russian Orthodox church. Ukrainian side asked Russian one to influence their government in preventing bloodshed. What Moscow church PR person Chaplin (not funny one) said was almost word to word from Hitler speech on annexing Austria. Nation, separated by borders, under threat have right to unite. Ukrainians, do not resist and you won’t be harmed… What this has to do with religion? Or is the church truly inseparable from the government in Russia now? Dark ages are back.

With all the screaming and emotions it is difficult to know what is really going on. I recommend following several different media channels, but also ordinary people in the midst of it. I put more trust to the opinions of wise and educated people.

It is all so sad because normally there is not much barriers between Russians and Ukrainians. There is often a feeling that we should not even belong to different countries. After all, Kiev was the first capital of Russia! But then all humans are brothers too, who left their motherland in Africa some time ago and we all separated to tribes who often don’t want to listen to each other…

What are the lessons? I think the only way to better future is away from nationalism, violence, mass media brainwashing and state-level dishonesty.

The brightest moments of the last few days were when Russia Today presenters expressed their honest views among suffocating propaganda. We do watch this channel from time to time, normally it is full of weird conspiracy theorists but presently it feels like the most aggressive brainwashing I’ve ever seen. Somebody from Ukraine recently said that their propaganda channels are full of lies too…

I do hope the situation de-escalate before it is too late.

Feb 242014

Sometime they say there are two types of intelligence: ours and a collective one, the ants intelligence. I don’t think we are so different. Our personalities divide us into workers, soldiers and much more. If somebody just can’t understand somebody else, it may be that they are different kinds of ants…

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