Mar 242014

When I thought it would be nice to decorate my twitter feed with the quotes I like it seemed at first that I have to pay for something like Hootsuite. But then I’ve figured out this routine:

1. I’ve been collecting quotes on Tumblr for ages. You can easily have several blogs and schedule posts with this platform. So, I carry on collecting my quotes here.

2. There is a WordPress plugin for importing posts from Tumblr. So I can make my quotes to be my blog posts which I don’t mind anyway.

3. There is another plugin to send WordPress posts to Twitter. This will include not just quotes but any old articles which would keep them alive therefore is a big bonus!

4. What about other social media? Use IFTTT. There are lots of recipes for posting from one platform to another.


So you can do mass post scheduling without spending any money on it.

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Dec 192013

Feeling the need to have some changes in my life, I’ve decided to create the new “Linandara and Artish Folk” website. A proper one. It is going to be about arts, crafts, creativity, lifestyle, ethical issues, located at and . Few days ago I did a first step: a temporary simple “business card” type website. Everything (like life itself) is a work in progress. There is now a facebook group for the future site, which eventually will have a forum. Please feel free to join the group and I hope you enjoy being in it.

To let people know about the new website I had an idea to do some handmade business cards. They are evolving as I make them. On the back I’ve put some keywords which would describe the future site, topics which would be discussed on it or be associated with it. The list is  changing from card to card. At the moment it includes Arts, crafts, creativity, handmade, fantasy, rationalist, dreaming, emphatic, discovery, freethinking, impressionalist, bohemian, ethnic, eccentric, independent, sci-fi, по-русски, commissions, one of the kind, etc.


Any suggestions are welcome!




Захотелось перемен, и я собралась сделать себе новый сайт, посвященный вопросам искусства, рукоделия, творчества, этики и жизни вообще. Сайт будет расположен по адресам и Сейчас там проcтая временная страничка. Как и сама жизнь, работа идет методом проб и ошибок. Есть группа посвящена новому сайту. Пожалуйста присоединяйтесь и, надеюсь, всем будет интересно.  Буду рада любым советам.


Oct 192011

Still working on my new Facebook page. Classifying myself. Its a bit boring, but I guess its has to be done. 

Sold a little drawing and a little print since the middle of the summer. Had several “best of today” but it didn’t help. I guess its depression, recession or whatever. Feels like the worst time since I apppeared online around 2004. I’m wondering how the other artists are doing? Every time I go to the post office there are people sending some sort of packets all over the world. What are they selling??? Curious.

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