Nov 302011
Good Things About Life Original Pen and Ink Artwork
Product Description
Stability, love, beauty, curiosity, freedom, peace, possibility, friendship, comfort, creativity, work, ingenuity, individuality, art, home, hope, kindness, fantasy, reality, independence, truth, happiness, education, nature, persistence, dreaming, nobility, pleasure, determination, honesty…

The artwork is unframed, measuring approximately 21 x 30 cm (8 x 12 inches).

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
Generally the things I feel good about, probably also revolving around Delta Quadra values from Socionics theory.
Materials Used
paper, pigment ink, black tea, watercolor, gouache
More Info
A one of the kind handwritten text art about good life
Dec 152008

Here it is:

I can’t say I agree with everything she writes but I certainly appreciate how this modern very conservative American “Mary Poppins” tells mothers to return home and take care of it. And I’ve seen her name in some MBTI description of ESTJ! (double benefit for me in reading her blog then). Anyway, she doesn’t like people spending too much time on the Net, so I better go and do something real 🙂

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Nov 212008

I’ve read this book in the spring just another attempt at self-digging. Here are some results. But, I wonder, is it really me?
Body: mesomorph (William Sheldon’s system: a greater tolerance to extreme conditions, but insensitivity can be a trait. Oriented towards action) 441 of endomorph-mesomorph-ectomorph body-mind scale;
Face: rounded contours (jovial, gentle, gluttonous, indecisive, frank, slow); oval – mobile, impressionable, impulsive, changeable, versatile, non-persevering, credulous, prescient, intuitive; Siang Mien – jade – diamond – mystical, elegant , talented, durable, sharp, possessive, active, dutiful, caring, attractive
Hand: Earth – melancholic. Practical, honest, physically hard-working, espesially at tasks bringing the sunject close to earth, like pottery; stable, orderly, tenacious, unimaginative , sceptical, habitual, enjoys doing and making things and being physically productive, slow, generous, indulgent, enthusiastic, epicurian, physical. Can be stolid, insensitive, dull. Logical, very practical & pragmatic, orderly, habitual, hard-working and tenacious, stable. Can be unimaginative , over-sceptical and not very original. Palm(right hand – left hemisphere – analytical, logical, precise, time-sensitive; left hand – right hemisphere – emotional, creative, intuitive) clear & strait, steadfast love, devotion, great affection, sympathy and compassion; cautious, mentally capable, spirited, independent .
Chinese elements – fire (or water?) by description; Yin Metal by birth
Chinese medicine: the Alchemist – Metal – Returning to the Source – Discerning, purifying, distilling the essentials, defining, refining, concerned with aesthetics, beauty, virtue and morals . Enjoys the discipcline of order, ritual and ceremony. Letting go of Autumn, restraint, separation, elimination.
Vedas: Pitta (Fire + Earth) 142 – Vata (Air + Ether) 125 – Kapha (Earth + Water) 101
Humour (temperament): Melancholic – 13, Choleric – 8, Sanquine – 4, Phlegmatic – 2
Child (Rudolf Steiner) – same, maybe slightly more Choleric & Sanguine.
Gurdjieff Type No 2 – limbic system or emotional brain, the heart.
Brain hemisphere Right – 28; Left – 12 (non-verbal, visuo-spatial, simultaneous, spatial, analogic, holistic, intuitive, sensuous)
zodiac Sagittarius – fire – intuiting -mutable – active (fire brings myth and drama to experience, relating them to an inner world of its own which reflects, but is often removed from, reality. Adapts energy in order to explore, have a problem with sensuality. Vital and spontaneous and often live in a rich fantasy world more attuned to the theatre than the workplace. They need to experience life dramatically and significantly so their behaviours are exaggerated. Colorful figures, full of mythological splendour and heroism. Often self-centered and self-absorbed, but is also warm, psychic and lively. Problem coping with material world (drab & threatening). Optimistic, adventurous, extravagant, just, honest, stimulating, religious, boisterous, argumentative, impatient, fanatical, hot-headed, indulgent, tendency to preach, hides sadness).
Chinese animal boar, companion: sheep – gallant, gentle, lively, impulsive, chivalrous, courageous, generous, gregarious, sincere, thick-skinned, shallow, vulnerable, materialistic.
Feeling types: emotional, not joyful, not phobic, girl-child, life-explorer, Artemis (Jungian), animus Apollo, between indifference and compassion, introvert, stress level slightly higher than average, between optimistic and pessimistic, intuitive (p.61) and then somebody took that book from the library and I haven’t seen it since…

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Nov 172008

I’ve promised to tell my Ebay subscribers about new music in my shop. Here is a real gem – if you have a key to open its box, that is, if you know Russian well:

There is a big collection of songs by my favorite Russian singer, philologist, poet and songwriter
Here his poetry is translated to English:

Its very clever, deep, emotional, witty, thought-provoking. I can’t say I love all his songs (the latest ones I don’t understand very well) but lots of them always are on my playlist.

Together with Mr Krivoshejev & Mr Stepanov we suspect he is a INFJ too.

By the way, I’m not actually running a business selling music. I though in the past I would, but its too complicated regarding to taxes, customs, etc. So we just sell out (recycle) our (and our parents) CDs, tapes and LPs which we don’t use any more as we went digital. Same applies to videos as we are switching to DVDs.
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Nov 132008

I’m an anachronist. Science moves forward, but the rest is not. All so called new ideas are just well forgotten old ones. Reading a diary or an article from long ago I can see that the problems bothering people didn’t change. What they call “modern art” is often at least sixty years old…

That’s why I’m interested in cultures living independently from time (I think this corresponds to fourth stage of ethnos development in L. Gumilev works or the spirit of fourth quadra in socionics, groups where children follow examples of parents, traditions are kept and so on.

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