Dec 022013

When still at High School I’ve seen some cards with Jeffrey Jones paintings and they left a very deep impression. They reminded me Vrubel’s art: dark and mysterious.  Several artists I’ve admired in the past don’t feel so great any more but I keep on coming back to these haunting pictures. In my opinion there is a lot of subtle mastery in Jones’ art: in composition, brushstrokes, rendering of figures, creating mood. Not many artists managed to achieve this.

#Artwork by J. #Jones   #Artwork by J. #Jones


#Artwork by J. #Jones

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Jun 152013

When East and West, North and South embraced each other, when prints became produced and sold on global scale, when the way we see the world became firmly affected by photography… 1890s-1950s. Beautiful postery style, both decorative and realistic, traditional and modern, Oriental and European reigned. Areas of flat color, bold composition and outlines are very typical for this period.

Russian Ballet Programme














Portrait of Miss Elizabeth Keith by Ito Shinsui, 1922




A Gate at the Stupa of Sanchi by Hiroshi Yoshida. 1932





‘Lanterns’ (1906) by American artist Bertha Lum (1869-1954)










Carl Moser “Strickende Frau mit Booten” 1926


















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