Blue Eyed Mimosa. Mimosa is one of my favorite flowers, bringing up lots of childhood memories of Russia where it is very popular and grown in some parts of the country. I started painting this plant from imagination and the first iteration was nice and conventional, just yellow flowers and swirling blue green leaves. It was exhibited a few times and praised by some people.

Not good enough till it finds its home. I am learning to treat the first versions of paintings as “beta releases” so I reworked it significantly afterwards. I love science fiction and fantasy and decided that “out of this world” version fits better with what I generally do. So the flowers got veins and the cute blue eyes.

I used a variety of acrylic paints and ink, including pearlescent and metallic, the painting is glazed. Due to its shine it is very difficult to photograph with uniform brightness. #linandaras_art #artwork #floralmadness #eyes #alienflora #scifiart #мимоза #глаза #otherworld #фантастика #arte #peinture NFS at the moment as I’ve submitted it to an exhibition / competition. (at Linandara art & craft)

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