Back to the wilderness. But not in a mud hut

It is noble to dream of a better future for the humanity. It is not so to try to impose your version of “paradise” on everybody.

To all the people imagining happy future humanity as a bunch of separate primitive villages: it won’t work. Living like that is not just being closer to nature. It is also hight child mortality, tribal warfare, superstitions and ignorance, women’s inequality, inability to spread a good idea between many people who deserve to know.

We are explorers. Consumerism is a dark side of this plus ancestrial fear of going back to a mud hut.

Even if some well meaning luddite like Mark Boyle or (more likely) a global disaster managed to kill the civilization for a generation or two, new people would be born who lead people out of mud huts. And people will gladly follow.

We need better, close relationships with people around us. Maybe lets all live in intentional communities, some in mud huts, some in futuristic floating cities or whatever we fancy. One size hut doesn’t fit all. We need better technology, not the absence of it, so we can preserve and reconstruct wilderness around us and enjoy it without fear of being pinned by a spear or starving to death. We need to follow our explorer spirit which would eventually lead us to the stars. To the greatest wilderness of all.

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