Attempted Weekly Newsletter No 4 (I’ve found that its easier for me to do a Newsletter in Photoshop)

Paintings and drawings vary in styles. First, there is specific art
fashion for every time and place. Second, there is a range of available
tools and paints: cavemen didn’t had acrylics. Third, there is artist’s
personal history: how he or she has been trained, what was the artist’s
life. Forth, is artist’s personality traits.

It is obvious that people have different personalities. There are
several ways of describing them.  One is the Socionics theory based on
Carl Jung typology. This gives us 16 distinctive types and 8 functions
of informational metabolism (

Without going into too much details, let’s try to describe how some
of these functions help artists to create one or another style of art.
An artist with strong Extraverted  intuition will treat his brushstrokes
as possibilities. He won’t grasp outlines of objects photographycally,
rather will be moving towards them gradually or just let his fantasy run
loose.  Artist with strong Introverted sensing will be much better at
grasping shapes and colors. Strong Extraverted sensing will probably
give boldness to an artwork. Introverted logic will give solid structure
and Extraverted logic – the efficient and prudent use of resources.
Extraverted ethics’ paintings will be full of emotions, Introverted  
ethics’ – full of moral sense and motivation. Introverted intuition is
responcible for time and change and possibly helps artists with creating
period atmosphere.

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