…(At the place where I grew up rediscovering old sketches)…
A case for a large “grey” list. It seems that most people white, grey and black list others. I only interested in thinkers at the moment. White list, they accept everything. Grey, maybe yes, maybe no. Black – no way, not a world. I think the black list should be reserved only for the worst, which, for me (for example) would include people calling for the initiation of real violence or denying women their individual rights). I don’t want to know if there’s any good in what those people are saying. The “white list” I would leave empty. You may accidentally agree on everything with a particular thinker but don’t be dogmatic. The long “grey list” of all shades is a treasure. There’s wisdom and use in many teachings. The practice of choosing is an existing quest…
#linandaras_art #myschoolart #sketchinglongago #drawing #старыйрисунок (at Sergiyevskiy Posad, Moskovskaya Oblast’, Russia)

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