An updated tree shadows study from 1999, Virginia. I used to say that my main artistic inspiration was Van Gogh. Jungian typology was suggesting to me to be just like Van Gogh. But wasn’t his life full of suffering? Is this what I want to replicate? Would his art be so famous now if not for our knowledge of his miserable life? Are we obsessed with sufferings? I find myself liking the works of Maxfield Parrish more now. He had a very boring biography. He studied well, he worked hard, he earned a good living… I do have an enormous journey ahead if I want to get even a bit closer to that level of mastery, but it is a very interesting journey. And what about “emotional” or “intuitive” art? The bottom line is that, without clear reasoning and hard work, it is becoming something that almost anybody can do. Hence nobody wants to buy it from others. Been here, done that. (at Linandara art & craft)

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