I think most people still don’t suspect that if you can smell something – there is some substance in the air and it may be very bad for you.

They use artificial perfume dispensers to mask perfectly natural and mostly harmless cooking smells… Instead you can either open the window, or peel an orange, or boil smoe spice (like a bit of apple with cinnamon) or put some mandarin peel in the microwave or hot oven (just for a moment – don’t let it burn).

Few years ago I bought a little packet of child juice drink (you know, that square type, with a straw) and found out it was full of artificial colourings. Why??? There is no way a child could see what color is his drink inside the carton.

Another thing which bothers me is additives (colorings, flavourings, even perfume) in medicines. Why again??? I’m an adult person and can swallow any bitter pill if really needed. Even kids can. As our funny doctor said: stick it into his baked beans…

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