My name is Alexandra Cook, I am an artist. I use online/brush name Linandara. In my work I am inspired by the ideas of freedom and reason, technological progress and space exploration. 

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Доброе время суток! Меня зовут Александра Кук (в сети под псевдонимом Линандара). Я – художник.


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Alexandra studied geography at the Moscow State University and had been working in planetary science. She always was painting and drawing, inspired by great art she has seen in Russia since childhood, especially paintings by Van Gogh, Nikolai Rerikh and the “Twenty Moscow Avant Garde Artists” group. Her other inspirations come from extensive travel, absorbing folk and period art styles from around the world, music, love of nature and science, deep passion for science fiction and fantasy. 

Alexandra’s art education consisted of lessons, workshops and working side by side with brilliant artists from Russia, USA, Britain, Bulgaria, Turkey and South Africa. Her paintings are in private collections in many countries and a museum in Newtown, Powys. She participated in and curated group exhibitions, had solo shows, won a number of awards, did commissions, book covers, posters and illustrations, organized a couple of art trips.


Currently Alexandra lives with her husband and two children in Britain, in Mid Wales, often visiting Moscow region and Valencia. She prefers using acrylics and inks but also works with pastels, oils, photography, digital media and textiles. She loves to experiment. Her work is driven by values of Freedom, Curiosity, Reason, Honesty, Justice and Individuality. Alexandra understands fine art as a conjunction of Meaning, Mastery and Beauty. It is a discipline requiring persistent hard work and the rewards make it worth the effort.

The project she works on now, “VopreKin” (the name originates from Russian “Вопреки / Vopreki” – Despite), is about imagining a bright future, what it is and what it is not, how to reach it. She studies forward looking, futuristic architecture, design and fashion trying to find a place for meaningful art in technological, healthy, creative and prosperous human world of tomorrow, which she hopes we are heading towards.


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Education: Graduated from Moscow State University where studied geography 1989-1995, did a dissertation about the surface of planet Mars (1998). Took private drawing lessons (1987-1988). Attended a variety of art courses and workshops lead by Rob Wareing (South Africa), Susan Abbott (USA) and other professional artists (2000-present day).

Selected Exhibitions:

2017 Art International Group exhibitions at Bear Steps and VAN Galleries in Shrewsbury, Qube Gallery in Oswestry and at the Newtown Library (curating).

2008 – 2016 Several solo exhibitions at the Newtown Library, also curating the local art club exhibition here, one solo and two group exhibitions at the  Hafren, Newtown, Powys, Wales. Regular exhibitions with Visual Art Network, Shrewsbury. Participating in a group show at the Oakengates Theatre.

2003-2007  Regular exhibitions with the the Nottingham Society of Artists and Long Eaton and District Art Club. Several solo shows at the Long Eaton Library, Attenborough Nature reserve and in an art cafe. Participating in group exhibitions in Nottingham, Beeston, Long Eaton, Eastwood, Wollaton, Draycott, Patchings Art Center and Buxton.

Art Retail:

2008-2017 Manning art exhibitions at the VAN Gallery, Shrewsbury.

2013-2015 Running own Art-n-Folk market stall, then the shop in Newtown, Powys.

2004-2007 Manning art exhibitions at Nottingham Society of Artists’ Gallery.

Selected Awards:

2015 Open Art Exhibition, the Hafren, 3rd prize.

2007 W.S.Holbrook first prize, Nottingham Society of Artists.

2006 Indigenous Arts by Broxtowe Borough Council, Best Local Landscape.

2004 Art of the Midlands, Long Eaton, First – Mixed Media

2003 LEDAC Christmas Competition, Long Eaton, First.

Books Illustrated:

2016 Tornado Nine by Elaine Watkins (Cover)

2014 Billy Bobbin At Mystery Farm by Elaine Watkins (Cover)

2014 Sali et Bamako by Eric Lemoine, Alexandra Cook (whole book)

Other Bibliography:

2017 International Project Art Voyage Catalogue.

Apart from a number of maps and science papers, an artwork has been published in a Russian popular science Eurica newspaper (around 1997) and several paintings in Skyline Magazine by Water Forest Press, USA (around 2003).

Teaching and organizing:

2017 Two plein air painting trips for the Art International Group, in Spain and in Russia.

2015 A presentation on Space Art for the Newtown Astronomy Society.

2008-2016 Organizing and assisting in organization of children arts and crafts workshops; children face painting at events.

1996-1998 lectures on planetary science at Moscow State University and Russian Geographical Society.


An acrylic and ink on slate portrait of Robert Owen is on display in his museum in Newtown, Powys, Wales.

One artwork is at Aspora art collection in Gunsan, South Korea.

Artworks in private collections in Britain, USA, Russia and many European countries.

Commissions and Freelance:

2004-2015 Human and animal portraits and landscapes from photographs.

2008-2016 Booklets, posters, leaflets, web pages for local groups and organizations.

Software experience:

WordPress, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Gimp, Inkscape, Bryce, 3D Studio, MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Corel Paint and Draw.


Russian as native, English fluent, French and Spanish basic.

Media: Acrylics, pastels, ink, oil, clay, photography, textiles, upcycling, digital manipulation.


Александра Кук

Александра изучала географию в Московском Государственном университете и несколько лет работала в сфере планетологии. Она также рисовала всю жизнь, сначала под впечатлением картин, увиденных в детстве, особенно работ Ван Гога, Николая Рериха и «Двадцати московских художников-авангардистов». Другими источниками вдохновения были путешествия, фольклорное и историческое разнообразие стилей живописи в разных уголках мира, музыка, природа, наука, любовь к фантастике.

Художественное образование Александра получала и получает на курсах и занятиях, а также работая бок о бок с замечательными художниками из России, Великобритании, США, Болгарии, Турции и Южной Африки. Ее работы находятся в частных коллекциях в различных странах и в музее г. Ньютауна (Уэльс). Она участвовала и организовывала групповые выставки, выставлялась индивидуально, получала призы, делала работы на заказ, включая две книжные обложки и одну детскую книгу, организовывала пленэры.

Сейчас Александра живет с мужем и двумя детьми в Центральном Уэльсе (Великобритания), часто посещает Московскую область и Валенсию. Александра предпочитает использовать акриловые краски и чернила, а
также работает с пастелью, маслом, текстилем, фотографирует и использует компьютерную графику. Она постоянно экспериментирует.

Работа Александры базируется на ее главных ценностях: Свободе, Любознательности, Здравом смысле, Честности, Справедливости и Индивидуальности. Она понимает искусство как соединение Смысла, Мастерства и Красоты. Такое понимание диктует постоянное совершенствование и упорный труд – и результат окупает затраты.

Александра была очень рада присоединиться к Art International Group и участвует во многих выставках и поездках этой группы по Европе.

В данный момент Александра работает над проектом о счастливом будущем человечества, какое оно может быть, какое нет, и как его достичь. Она изучает вперед смотрящий, футуристический дизайн и архитектуру,
пытаясь найти место осмысленному, глубокому искусству в технологическом, творческом и благосостоятельном мире завтрашнего дня, к которому, как она надеется, мы приближаемся с каждым шагом цивилизации.


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