A Space Wanderer pendant. Like many other people I am the one who needs variety and novelty as the air. I love wandering into all sorts of creative fields: painting, drawing, textiles, jewellery making, photography, 3d modeling, sculpting, card making, graphic design, interior decorating… also writing which I was neglecting recently… I give one activity some priority for a few weeks or months then I need to switch to another for a while. But I think during the last few years I’ve finally worked out the favorite underlying theme of all of my pursuits: space travel and fantasy. This #necklace is for sale: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263553357188 Background done in @mirror_lab. #wirejewelry #seaglass #fantasyarts #кулон #звезды #estrellas #spacefantasy #linandaras_art #VopreKin #spacewandering

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