a nice day today but so much spam on IG… Sometime I get messages like “please looj at my gallery”. Most often there might be 1 or 2 good images but nothing worth following. Once I was stupid enough to reply. A young man sent a message in Russian saying that I am so good, so professional and could I please give my oppinion about his photos. I said that I don’t think I am any good or professional and that I believe the only true judge for an artist is the artist himself. Immediately he got so offended and started to try to offend me saying how not good and not proffessional I am… Apparently he sent an identical message to hundreds of users and I was the only one who didn’t give him expected praise. A false praise in return for a false praise. Why anibody would want that? #autumn #chasingautumn #fall #leaves #branches #tree #red #clouds #treelove #cumulus #fluffy #beautiful #nature #natureonly #linandara_trees #осень #дерево #небо (Taken with Instagram)

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