… A Holy Knight – Astronaut (???)… (a fragment of a painting of mine). A recent visit to the “Bestandsaufnahme Gurlitt” exhibition in Berlin confirmed to me that I do not like the paintings being deliberately ugly, grotesque or caricature – like. What is here to celebrate? I prefer realism to expressionism, if “realism” is a right world for something out of this world, paintry and opening many possibilities of interpretation, rather than being a mere 2D handmade copy of reality. I do like the works of art that have deep meaning alined with my values and that bring feelings of wonder, awe, expectation, joy, curiosity, beauty into my life …
#linandaras_art #thewayoftheapostate #scififantasyart #mixedmedia #acrylicandink #artwork #artistsoninstagram #рисунок #фантазия (at Newtown, Powys)

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