A dimly lit room… When I first started thinking about having a home of my own I (naively, – or maybe not) decided that I will have an Aelita’s bedroom, a Captain Nemo’s living room, a Sherlock Holmes’ library, a hobbit’s kitchen, a Bespin / Cloud City dining room, a Tatooine hallway and a alien tropical paradise conservatory with some other beloved sci-fi & fantasy elements. Not here yet. Not even anywhere near.
I see lots of beautiful interiors on Instagram, BUT they seems to be so unimaginative and characterless. Why? #scifinetuners #worldtuners #dreaminteriors #sketchinginteriors #interiorsketch #futuristicinterior #futuristicroom #linandaras_art #dreambedroom #спальня #набросок (at Linandara art & craft)

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